Rubber Roll

BS-2000/3000/5000/7000 series

BS-2000/3000/5000/7000 series offers excellent underfoot comfort, absorbs walking noise and the shock of training impact. Being made of recycled tire rubber and synthetic EPDM, it is durable and resilient enough to fit for the heavy use in gym room and commercial places. lt's supplied in both roll and interlocking, with various colors available.

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Material: PU binder, Recycled tire rubber & Synthetic EPDM
Color: Variety of colors
Thickness: 4mm~12mm(±0.3mm)
Roll Length: 10m/15m/20m(±10cm)
Roll Width: 1m/1.25m(±5mm)
Color Range
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Berson specializes in manufacturing and selling rubber flooring products and acoustic underlay products. Our Jiangmen based factory is equipped with leading-edge technology, holding an annual production capability of over 10 million square meters.
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