For flooring cleaning, litter and dust sweeping off.


The hooked blade works better for rubber flooring cutting and will leave tight seams.

Rubber Mallet

Gently tapping with a rubber mallet will speed up the installation of the laminated interlocking or rubber tiles and make them joint more smoothly and firmly.


For floor or rolls measurement and installation going smoothly.

Spirit Level

For site levelling, wall verticality and installation surface eveness.

Steel Ruler

For cutting line straightness when the material is partially cut.


For hands protection when glue is used and installtion is performed.

Plastic Drum

A container for two-component glue mixing and stirring.

Electric Mixer

For high-speed stirring, uniform mixing and better viscosity of two components.

Toothed Trowel

The sawtooth edge will make the two-component glue covered evenly and smoothly on the surface.


For even rolling on the flooring installed, material flatness and firmness.

Vacuum Cleaner

For all surface debris and soil removing.

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